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Philanthropic support often allows the most creative research that is unlikely to be funded by traditional granting agencies. Training the next generation of scientists by including them in multidisciplinary cutting-edge projects is very valuable.Please see the link below for information about contributing to research conducted in the John Laboratory and at The Jackson Laboratory. If you desire your donation to be used towards John Laboratory projects, including efforts to translate our findings to human patients, please be sure to specifically request this when submitting your gift.A gift to the John Laboratory will allow us to make more rapid advances and to pursue a variety of interesting avenues that could not be followed without such thoughtful contributions. Contributions in the form of unrestricted gifts allow us to seize new research and training opportunities. They give us the freedom and the flexibility to respond to new ideas.

If you would like to learn more about our projects and training opportunities that you could help with, please contact Dr. John at

Please support the work of the John Laboratory and the mission of The Jackson Laboratory.

Online contributions: If you wish your donation to be directly spent by Dr. John for his research and training efforts, it is important to specify this in the comments field of the online donation form. Please follow the link to discover various ways to donate. Donate here

Thank you for your consideration and for your interest in our research.