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Bethany Preble, B.S. Executive Administrative Assistant

In 2007, I joined the John Lab as Simon's Executive Administrative Assistant with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Prior to the lab, I worked in management at a local YMCA, as a training coordinator for a state agency, and in numerous off-shoots of both. I am originally from Maine and have two wonderful children, ages 15 and 18. Science has taken on a new role in my life, and watching the lab make great things happen has been a super opportunity.

Mimi deVries, Ph.D. Lab Manager/Research Scientist

I received my undergraduate and graduate training at the North-West University in South Africa. After receiving my B.Sc. degree with majors in Biochemistry, Physiology and Psychology, I went on to complete my B.Sc. Honors, M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in Biochemistry. My M.Sc. thesis work focused on the screening of families with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI: Brittle Bone Disease) for possible mutations in type I collagen. This study eventually led to the identification of the mutation in a1(I) type I collagen in one family, as well as the establishment of a prenatal diagnostic test for this family. For my Ph.D. thesis I focused on delineating the cis- and trans-factors responsible for regulating the transcription of the a1(I) type I collagen gene.

After completing my Ph.D., I wanted to gain experience in genetics and developmental biology, as a knowledge base in these two areas is critical for understanding disease processes. I joined the laboratory of Dr. Barbara Knowles at The Jackson Laboratory as a Postdoctoral Fellow, and continued in her laboratory as a Research Scientist. During this time I was able to elucidate the role of specific maternal genes in the oocyte-to-embryo transition. I was fortunate to then join the John Laboratory. This move not only gave me an opportunity to work in a vibrant lab utilizing my managerial, mentoring and experimental skills, but also brought me back to my “roots”. I’m once again working on a disease model using the experience I gained along my scientific journey while learning new things in a supportive and exciting environment. My major research is on the biomedical and deployment side of a project that is developing an innovative, ultra-miniature pressure-measuring device with an automated reading system. The tiny devices will permanently reside in the mouse eye providing valuable long-term data. These devices will allow experiments that are not currently possible. The technology is being designed to allow modification for human deployment to improve patient care. These devices will also improve my other projects that develop inducible models of glaucoma and that identify new mouse strains with glaucoma.

When my mother heard I was moving from South Africa to an island on the coast of Maine, she promptly started knitting sweaters! Despite the drastic change in temperature, life on MDI has suited me very well. Apart from finding a scientific home filled with excellent scientists with a wealth of knowledge, incredible resources, and an opportunity to transfer knowledge to younger generations, I also found a home in the community. I now live on the “Quiet Side” of MDI with my husband - whom I met on said island on the coast of Maine - and one slightly nutty Beagle. We love to sail and hike on and around MDI, and get away from the “crowds” by going to Moosehead Lake.

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