Simon W.M. John, Ph.D.

Administrative Staff

Bethany Preble, B.S., Executive Administrative Assistant

Mimi de Vries, Ph.D. Lab Manager/Research Scientist

Research Scientists

Krish Kizhatil, Ph.D. Research Scientist

Arthur Chlebowski, Ph.D. Biomedical Engineer/Research Scientist

Mimi de Vries, Ph.D. Lab Manager/Research Scientist

Postdoctoral Fellows

Pete Williams, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow

Jeffrey Harder, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Assistants & Students

Stephen Kneeland, M.S. Research Assistant

Margaret Ryan, M.S. Research Assistant

Amy Bell, B.S. Research Assistant

Nicholas Tolman, B.A. Research Assistant

Zhivka Historva, B.A. Research Assistant

Nicole Foxworth, B.S. Research Assistant

Catherine Braine, B.A. Research Assistant

Trip Freeburg, B.A. Research Assitant

Dan Sunderland, B.A. Research Assistant

Tionna Baldwin, B.S. Research Assistant

Visiting Investigators

Jeffrey Marchant, Ph.D.

James Morgan, Ph.D.

Pedro Irazqoui, Ph.D.

Former Research Scientists & Postdoctoral Fellows

Gareth Howell, Ph.D.

Sai Nair, Ph.D.

Doug Gould, Ph.D.

Mike Anderson, Ph.D.

Rick Libby, Ph.D.

Xianjun Zhu, Ph.D.

Ileana Soto, Ph.D.

Richard Smith, Ph.D.

Former Research Assistants & Students (partial list, includes subsequent position)

Zain Ali, B.S.

Danilo Macalinao, B.S.

Frances Ding, B.S.

Gregory Sousa, B.S.

Katharine Harmon, B.A.

Keith Funkhouser, B.S.

Michael Sellarole, B. A.

Administrative Staff Research Scientists & Postdoctoral Fellows Research Assistants & Students Visiting Investigators Former Research Assistants & Students Former Research Scientists & Postdoctoral Fellows

Career Opportunities

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